Hello from us here in lock down at Invergarry.  We have thought about doing a blog many times, however due to time we have never got around to it.  An update to our website recently and of course having an abundance of time on our hands we decided now was the time. 

So this is our first blog, we say blog lightly, these posts will be updates from Invergarry and the Lake District.  Those of you, like us, who love this little corner of the globe will hopefully get your dose of all this Lakeland through these ramblings.

Having closed a touch earlier for our annual winter break last year, it feels such a long time since we hosted full bed and breakfast.  We did open the odd weekend over the winter, and thank goodness for that!  As usual we dug out our paint brushes and commenced our annual spruse up of the rooms.  Our main focus was changing our classic double to a triple.  Although still bookable as a double it gives guests some options for double, twin or triple. We’ve added some photos of the finished room, hopefully for your approval.  Our biggest job of the winter however was tanking our dining room.  As we’re sure you can imagine the mess was shocking.  All the old plaster had to come off which created a dust cloud that must have caused our neighbour’s days of dusting (sorry folks) as well as weeks of cleaning for Vicky.

Post Christmas we had a cheeky break away to the eastern Lakes with some pals and enjoyed some memorable walks in often vastly differing weather conditions, pictures also included.

Once home we continued our pottering and ticking off of completed jobs working our way to opening mid March as usual. However as you will all know that didn’t happen.  

Thankfully as we write this we are healthy, as is our most cherished.  Although we have had to cancel those booked in with us these past six weeks, and I’m sure for many months to come, lockdown hasn’t been that bad for us.  We get out to do our daily dose of exercise, we have been trying footpaths on out doorstep that we have never been on.  We have continued to find jobs to do in the guest house. Steve completed an Open University course on Geometry, Vicky completed one in Nutrition. (Both level one however it’s a start).  We have tried new breakfast ideas, new cakes and biscuit recipes and went alcohol free for a month. 

We remain positive and are thankful to you all for your messages of goodwishes.  For those of you that  miss the fells pop over to our facebook page where we have been uploading lots of photos from our walks past and present.

As we sign off we wish you all the very best.  Hopefully you and your loved ones are well and we look forward to life returning to some sort of normality soon. 

Until then stay safe, much love Steve & Vicky